The White Collar Crime Division enhances the gathering and analysis of case material involving white collar crimes. It also provides educational and creates awareness on issues of fraud, embezzlement and other such business oriented crimes.

Every year our office handles an assortment of business, embezzlement crimes. The good news is, with the thousands of businesses in our three-parish area, most employees are honest, hard working people. The bad news is, by the time you realize that embezzlement has occurred in your business, it may have cost you thousands of dollars. Most of these types of theft run $50,000 to $150,000.

With an increasing occurrence of embezzlement, computer fraud and other such white-collar crimes, District Attorney Bo Duhé has an office division to assist in the prosecution of such cases.

By pairing experienced Assistant District Attorney's with an in house Certified Public Accountant, a level of expertise is provided that will enhance the gathering and analysis of case material. This should result not only in improving the conviction rate but also in providing the potential for greater restitution sums for the victim.

It is, of course, the desire of District Attorney Duhé to reduce the number of occurrences of white-collar crime. With that goal in mind, the business public is encouraged to consult with this division on questions of how it might avoid crimes of this nature. You may call any of the District Attorney's Office locations within the district and speak with an Assistant District Attorney or call the New Iberia office and ask for G.A. "Buster" Beaullieu, CPA.


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