Office Overview

The 16th Judicial District Attorney's Office handles thousands of felonies, misdemeanors, juvenile, and child support cases in the tri-parish area of Iberia, St. Martin and St. Mary Parishes. The goal of this web site is to make information and services about the criminal justice system available to residents in our tri-parish area.

The most prominent task of the District Attorney's Office is the Criminal Prosecution of all felony and misdemeanor cases. As such, while working close with law enforcement, the office decides who, when, and how prosecution shall proceed. Certain misdemeanors are handled by city prosecutors.

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In addition to being in charge and in control of criminal prosecution, the District Attorney's Office Civil Section act as general counsel on the daily affairs of public entities including legal advice, document review, and preparation, medication / arbitration proceedings, and formal representation involving litigation before courts of law administrative panels or boards of review. Currently there are over 100 such entities in the 16th Judicial District.

To learn more about other important programs and services that are offered by the 16th Judicial District Attorney's Office, visit the Programs and Services page of this web site.