Families in Need of Services (FINS)

The FINS Committee is assigned the duties and responsibilities of dealing with truancy and ungovernable children. FINS goals are to reduce formal juvenile court involvement while generating appropriate community services to benefit the child and improve family relations.

The purpose of the FINS process is to improve the behavior of the children and families it is involved in the program. By assessing the behavioral issues surrounding the families, services can be provided that can reduce or eliminate the problems identified.

The FINS Process

Referrals are received through the school system, law enforcement agencies and from parents. Court referrals can be made based on grounds found in LA.CH.C.Article 730. This includes:

Once a complaint is filed, recommendations to correct the identified problems, usually in the form of a service plan, are made to the family; the family must follow the directives given. The FINS Officer is responsible for monitoring compliance. If recommendations are not followed, the family may be referred to court, a FINS conference, and/or a hearing before a judge.

Families in Need of Services (FINS)
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